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Beauty in the bog.

Plants and insects at Muirshiel's moorland

In the hills around Muirshiel heath spotted orchids are displaying their variations of white and purple. The images were taken at the foot of the Raith Burn and close to a stream is a good place to find this orchid.  Beetles are the main pollinators of this plant, however bumblebees and hoverflies also visit this orchid.  The spotted part of its name refers to the large black marks on its leaves.  A garden tiger moth stood out against the grasses and a ringlet butterfly was moved restlessly in search of egg laying opportunities.  At this time of year the Muirshiel muir is carpeted with the ‘underworld’ bright yellow heads of bog asphodel and amongst this background I found one whorled caraway with its umbrella shaped flowers, a delicate member of the umbellifer family.

Whorled caraway
Garden tiger
Bog asphodel


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