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Barn Owl breeding season looms.

Our female returns for a third year

One of the species that we monitor here at Tag-n-Track is the Barn Owl. All birds are protected but species like Barn Owl have further protection and as part of our monitoring and ringing of them Hayley holds a Schedule 1 permit. This allows the TnT team to check nestboxes.  One of the boxes that has been monitored since 2010 was showing signs of a Barn Owl being present.  Yesterday we took a wee peek inside and saw a pair of owls in the corner.  Hayley managed to lift one of them out and found it to be ringed.  This particular owl, GV04956 was ringed in 2016 and this is her third year in the box. The previous two females only appeared for one season so we were excited to see this female back.  In 2016 she reared 4 chicks and in 2017 she reared two chicks to fledging.  Female Barn Owls are spotty on their front and what we have noticed with this bird is that the amounts of spots she has has dramatically decreased although she still has them on her flanks.  It’s great to see she has survived the snowy weather which can cause alot of mortality in Barn Owls and we will keep you updated on how her season progresses.

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