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Barn Owl Bling.

The Barn Owl chick ringing season begins

Well it may have been wet and windy the last week but all signs are pointing towards it being a productive year for Barn Owls. TnT Officer Hayley holds a Schedule 1 licence which allows her to access Barn Owl boxes and ring the chicks. We have had a couple of enquiries recently from locals wishing to see how their Barn Owls are doing rearing their chicks and whether it would be possible to ring them. So ringing kit in hand Hayley headed to one site.

This particular pair doesn’t nest in a box but instead nest under the eaves of an old barn used as a wood store. One corner was covered in splash (Barn Owl poo) but upon investigating there was no sign of chicks. A bit of detective work around the building and the nest was soon found by smell. Barn Owl nests can be really smelly! Three healthy chicks were removed to be ringed and photographed before being returned to their nests.

If you have Barn Owls nesting and wish to take part in our monitoring scheme or want to find out how you can encourage Barn Owls then please contact Tag-n-Track on 01505 614 791 or

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