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Art in Castle Semple Ice Caves.

A video featuring Lochwinnoch residents was broadcast inside the historic feature.

Renfrewshire Leisure hosted an art installation in the Parkhill Wood/Collegiate Church ice caves on Fri 25th and Sat 26th June. A special film was commissioned featuring local townspeople and the importance of their gardens during lockdown. Entitled ‘Sightlines’, it has been made by Lochwinnoch artist Kevin Cameron.

The ice cave is roughly a 40 minute walk from Castle Semple Visitor Centre and is part of the original Semple Estate. Storing the ice underground kept it cool and it and the nearby ice house were a sign of the wealth of the family at the time.

If you missed it this time don’t fear, the installation will be back again in August as part of a series of features along the National Route 7 cycle track from Paisley to Lochwinnoch. Find more information here on the Renfrewshire Leisure website and look out for the event posters and QR codes.

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