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An Unexpected Visitor.

Seasonal Ranger Ryan Had An Unexpected Visitor To The Clyde Muirshiel Office.

I had an unexpected visitor / patient at Muirshiel Country park visitor centre. A little coal tit flew into one of the centre’s windows.

At first, I couldn’t see out the window where the bump noise came from. So I stuck my head out of one of the side windows to see a tiny ball of feathers laying at the bottom of the window! I went outside and could see the coal tits feet grasping at the air slowly, so at first I feared the worst.

When I picked it up thankfully its eyes were open and it was trying to look around but was not reacting to the fact that a human had caught it, an obvious sign of concussion.

At that point my wildlife rehabilitation experience kicked in and I checked for any obvious physical injuries, held it close to keep it warm and covered its head with my hand to reduce its stress and found a box for it to recover in and added a paper towel for something to grip onto.

A little bit of Quiet, Darkness and Indirect Heat is sometimes all you need to help a stunned bird recover and the warm internal temperature of the Muirshiel office was perfect for this.

It did not take long for my unexpected visitor to recover, in about 40 minutes and it was scratching around in the box.

I released the coal tit at the bird feeder area at the back of Muirshiel country park visitor centre as it had lots of places to fly off to and perch. I had the foresight to film the release in slow motion to actually see it leave as it did not hesitate when there was a chance to escape… Fly free little friend.

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