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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the Regional Park is vast and having a quick look here may save you a phone call or email.

Frequently Asked Questions at Clyde Muirshiel

Do you do Paddleboarding?
No. Our Outdoor Activity team provide kayaking, canoeing, sailing, mountain biking and many more but paddleboarding is not one of them. The Clyde Windsurfing club based at Castle Semple does offer Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) courses. You can obtain information on their website here. You can see dates for Clyde Muirshiel Outdoor Activity Courses on the Make a Booking section of our website here.

Rafting for Groups with our experienced InstructorsDo you do Boat Hire at Castle Semple Loch?
We do not offer boat hire. A possible alternative is booking an instructor for a half day who will supply all equipment for £157.50. This can be split between 1-4 people and is a fantastic day out trying a new sport with a qualified coach in an informal environment. Contact our Outdoor Activity team on 0300 300 0200 or email to enquire.

What are your Opening Hours?
Please see our Park Sites page for opening hours and facilities available at each of our locations as well as ideas of things to do.

Can I hire a bike?
Bike hire is provided at Castle Semple by RT Cycles who are based at Glengarnock. Contact Martin on 07867 790 889 or at his shop on 01505 682 191 to arrange.

Can I place a memorial benches or trees in the Park?
Space is very limited for benches at all sites and there are waiting lists. Memorial trees are more flexible and we can suggest species and placement. Planting would then be done alongside one of our Rangers. For enquiries at Greenock Cut and Lunderston Bay please contact Inverclyde Council, see information on their website here. For enquiries for Castle Semple and Muirshiel contact

How do I volunteer in the Park?
Please see the volunteering page of our website or contact the Rangers at the site you wish to volunteer. No skills are necessary however it would be helpful if you complete a volunteer registration form and attach it to your email or bring along on your first session.

Can I bring my own Watersports equipment/craft for use on Castle Semple Loch?
You can bring your own unmotorised craft, kayak, canoe etc. to Castle Semple and there is no launch fee but please be aware there is no safety cover. We ask that all water users respect other water users and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times. Any equipment going in the loch must be cleaned thoroughly before going on the water. This helps prevent any contamination by blue green algae or other water-borne diseases from other locations being introduced into Castle Semple Loch from other sources.

Can I wild camp in Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park?
Under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code you can wild camp within the Regional Park boundary so long as you behave responsibly. The whole area is used and tenanted by farmers and people who work off the land and so we ask that all campers use leave no trace methods.  This includes not leaving any litter, disturbing wildlife or livestock, cutting down any trees for a fire or leaving any evidence of a fire at all. The Ranger Service can direct you to sites more suitable than others. Email the appropriate Ranger Service for the North  – Inverclyde/ Greenock Cut Rangers or those based at the South/West – Castle Semple and Muirshiel Rangers.

Fishing Permits
Fishing Permits for Castle Semple loch are available from the Castle Semple café, the Key Store in Lochwinnoch, the RSPB and RT Cycles in Glengarnock. The fishing club with rights is the St Winnoch and Castle Angling Clubs. For memberships see Rods and Reels in Johnstone. Please see Fishing Club FAQ’s here.

Can I swim in Castle Semple Loch?
Yes. Open water swimming is permitted however the loch has many other users and so we recommend safety precautions such as letting a member of the Activity Team know you are out, wearing bright skullcap or swimming with a visible float.

Where is the Castle at Castle Semple?
You can find the history of Castle Semple estate on this document on our website –

What’s the difference between Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and Muirshiel Country Park?
Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park is a huge area of 108 square miles designated in 1990. It covers and protects land in Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire. It is the largest Regional Park in Scotland. You can see the boundary for this full area in purple on the map below.
Muirshiel Country Park is a much smaller area just over 1km square within the larger Regional Park. It was designated in 1970 and is one of the oldest Country Parks in Scotland. There are 2 Country Parks within the Regional Park, Castle Semple Country Park being the other, designated in 1973.



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