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A wee common toad at Muirshiel.

Found resting in the shrubbery while weeding our hedgerow at the visitor centre!

At the Muirshiel Country Park visitor centre on Sunday our ranger Marcel came across this common toad while weeding the hedgerow behind the centre.

Common toads like to breed in deep ponds during the spring, so this one likely came from one of the two we have at the park. Once they leave the pond they often settle in woodlands, hedgerows, tussocky grassland and gardens.

Despite being widespread, they are a protected species in the UK. Over time their number have been declining, mostly due to human factors like roads and suburban development fragmenting or limiting their usable habitats.

Common toads love household gardens, especially because they have lots of slugs and snails, but often find it difficult to breed as there aren’t enough ponds in suburban areas, so incorporating a deep pond in your garden design is a great way to attract toads. By helping them to thrive they’ll then be able to help control the slugs in your garden too!

For more information, The Wildlife Trust has some great information about them and other amphibians.

To learn more about other species of wildlife, pollinators and plants you can also attend one of our ranger led events this summer where we’ll be offering guided tours covering all things from birds, bees, butterflies, wildflowers, trees and the history of some of our country parks.


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