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A third gull is winging his way home.

And this time it's Happy Gullmore!

Happy’s tag stopped downloading data on the 25th of November in Cadiz in Spain. We suspected he had flown into Morocco and wasn’t in range for his tag to download. The good thing is that the tag still continues to collect data and this morning we have had a massive data dump as Happy has flown into Portugal. From what we can see so far is that in November, Happy flew into Morocco where he arrived at 0900 on the 26th on the banks of the Sebou River. He hung about on the sandflats and at the Port of Mahdia until the 12th of December before continuing further south to Mohammedia. He spent a few days here before arriving in Casablanca on the 15th. He has then spent the last three months living it large at the port until yesterday, the 20th of March. At 0909 he left Casablanca and flew north following the coast all the way up towards Larache where at 1848 he started flying across the ocean making landfall in Portugal at 0308 this morning, a flight time of 8 and a half hours. His last update was at 0719 where he was over Tavira. It took him a month to fly from his autumn site in Ireland to Morocco, how long will it take him to return to Lochwinnoch and what route will he take?

Happy’s flight into Casablanca

Happy’s flight back to Portugal

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