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Inchinnan Primary visits Muirshiel Country Park.

A day out of pond dipping and walking for Inchinnan Primary 3's at Muirshiel Country Park

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Last Friday we hosted around 20 Primary 3’s from Inchinnan Primary up at Muirshiel Country Park for some outdoor activities/education. Our rangers Marcel and Allan took them out to our ponds near the visitor centre to search for small freshwater organisms, as well as a walk up windy hill!

The walk up windy hill was mostly calm on the way up, but with 40mph winds the summit it was very windy! The children enjoyed some headwind races, as well as some general jumping about and chasing after jackets as they flew off towards Locherwood! Some of the students were a bit unsure about the wind, but once we descended their bravery triumphed!

Meanwhile the other group was searching for and identifying minibeasts at our pond. Taking turns the children would catch the organisms in our pond dipping nets, then empty them into trays filled with water, and using a freshwater species name trail/flow chart they then tried to identify what they saw! We had lots of waterboatmen, some beetle larvae, and even some tadpoles and newts!

After lunch the two groups swapped, then they climbed back onto the bus and headed back to school!

It was a really positive experience for all the children, and they all had a brilliant time with one of them commenting that it was “so much better than school!”. Here at Clyde Muirshiel we believe outdoor activities and outdoor education is so important for young people in their formative years, so it was great to see all the children embracing it despite the challenges up windy hill, and having such a good time; not to mention learning loads!

This summer school holidays we’re hosting the Summer Kids programme of events to help encourage young people to get outdoors and learn about nature. To learn more about some of the activities we will be hosting and book a place for your child/children visit our events page.

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