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2022 Rowing Regatta.

Yesterday (21/05/2022) the Castle Semple Rowing Club had their annual rowing regatta, which saw hundreds of rowers competing on the loch!

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From the early hours of yesterday morning, when the loch was still calm and windless, hundreds of rowers along with their trailers, buses, boats and gazebo’s started turning up for the annual Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta! By 9:30am races were starting every 5 mins, which continued all throughout the day. The event is Scotland’s largest one-day regatta, and we’re proud to have hosted it on our beautiful Castle Semple Loch!

The wind picked up a little late-morning/early afternoon (and it rained a little) making the loch a little choppy for the rowers, and conditions less than ideal. There were a couple of capsized boats at one point, but they all made it back safely!

Our staff and rangers were out ensuring the facilities were kept clean and tidy, and any incoming/outgoing vehicles at the car park was being managed. Everyone was very friendly, so we want to thank all the attendees and visitors for that! All in all a successful day, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again next year! Congratulations to all the winners, and well done to everyone who participated in the event!

Hope to see you all again next year!

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