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10 Winter Tips from the Park Rangers.

Park Ranger advice for getting outdoors in the winter

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Some top tips for getting out into the Park on inclement weather days

Anyone else feels like we’ve had rain or snow pretty much every day since the start of 2020! The soggy conditions combined with the shorter days mean many don’t automatically think about getting out and taking the air.

However you should consider getting outside all year round, time spent outdoors is beneficial, but what can you do to make getting out in inclement weather more enjoyable (or at the very least less sufferable!)

Some top tips for getting out in the wet and cold from the Clyde Muirshiel Rangers

  1. The first and most important thing is to check the forecast, there are numerous places you can look, we use the MET office for up to date forecasts. Checking the weather lets you know what to prepare for.
  2. The old adage that “there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing” certainly rings true with the current conditions. Wet and warm is preferable to wet and cold so wrap up warm with layers and top it all off with waterproof jackets and trousers along with hats and gloves and sturdy boots or shoes and you’ll be ready to get out in all but the worse weather. Important to note that you should avoid wearing cotton in cold and wet conditions that includes jeans as cotton stays wet and cools you down!
  3. Pack spares – Once you get back to the car or one of our visitor centres it can be quite nice to slip into dry clothes even if it is just dry socks and shoes. All the Ranger staff keep spare clothes in their lockers as we seem to get wet an awful lot.
  4. Hot drinks make the world of difference; think about carrying a thermal flask with your favourite hot beverage. There is something special about being outside and sipping a hot drink.
  5. If you have a rucksack line it with a thick plastic bag. It helps keep the stuff inside the rucksack dry and no one wants soggy sandwiches!
  6. If you’re walking your four legged friend consider packing a towel and drying them off a wee bit before loading them into the car (voice of experience – you don’t want your dog shaking off the worse of the water inside the car!)
  7. Make flexible plans, you may want to walk through in the woods but consider changing locations if high winds poses a risk or cut a trip short if you are feeling the conditions worsening.
  8. Let someone know where you are going – very important if you going out alone; let them know what time you expect to be back and what route you are taking so they can raise the alarm should they need to.
  9. If you aren’t sure about a route talk with the Rangers we know the Park and can advise you on suitable routes as well as offer advice about what kind of conditions to expect.
  10. Have fun!

It is invigorating being outside when the weather is cold and wet plus it really makes you appreciate the comforts of modern life!


Rainy day Ranger led guided walk to Summit of Kaim Hill, North Ayrshire.
Soggy but well equipped walkers on Kaim Hill
Snowy conditions in the Brisbane Glen
one hour health Walkers well wrapped up for the conditons
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