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Windy ringing sees Siskins returning.

Our fouth ringing event was affected by wind but Siskins were captured

The Tag-n-Track Project held its fourth ringing session at the weekend and was our busiest for visitors yet. Many had arrived after hearing about our previous events from friends and family. Unfortunately the weather was a bit against us with the wind making the net visible to many of the birds. Not to be deterred, many of our visitors chose to stay in the Centre and watched the birds continually avoid the net. However, we did eventually start to capture some bird which included a coal tit ringed in October 2015 and one of the long-tailed tits ringed at the last event.

The highlight though was the return of the siskins to Muirshiel with five of them ending up being captured and ringed. Siskins migrate across the UK during the winter time and reports had come in recently of 400 plus birds going over another ringing site over a few days. All our siskins were unringed birds who potentially will start to breed at Muirshiel this year. Keep your eye out for these stunning yellow birds. Our next ringing events will be on May the 6th at Muirshiel and May the 7th at Greenock Cut.

The Tag-n-Track Project is supported by funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, Greater Renfrewshire and Inverclyde LEADER and Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.


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