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Jonathan LC.Gull the oldest gull

Jonathan LC. Gull was our ninth gull to be tagged and was caught using a whoosh net

Jonathan LC.Gull is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull   He was caught using a special type of net called a whoosh net with the help of the Clyde Ringing Group on the 7th of July. As he was caught at a feeding site we don’t have any evidence of nesting behaviour
but it is believed, by the movement data below, that he may have a nest in Kilmarnock or he may be a failed/non-breeder.  At the time of tagging he weighed 862.5g and has a wing length of 43.4cm.  Jonathan LC.Gull is an old gull.  We can tell this by the spots in his iris.  It isn’t impossible that he is already 20+ years old.  Jonathan LC.Gull can be identified in the field by his colour ring 16S:C.

Click this link to see Jonathan LC. Gull’s movements in 2018

Movements for 2017 below

After Jonathan LC.Gull was released he headed to Kilmarnock where he spent the night on the train station roof.  He then headed to Little Cumbrae via his catching site and Kilbirnie Loch, before returning to Kilmarnock.  It’s early days yet to get a full picture of what he is doing but we will keep you all updated.

Map updated 21/09/17 Jonathan LC. Gull is spending alot of time in Hurlford near the Cessnock Water feeding in fields and roosting on the roofs of what look like a factory across the road next to Richardson Park.

Map updated 29/09/17 Not much has changed with Jonathan.  Like alot of our remaining Scottish gulls he is prepping for migration and hopefully will be off as soon as we get some northernly winds.

Map updated 06/10/17 Jonathan is still hanging about doing his thing and is one of four gulls still remaining in Scotland.

Map updated 13/10/17  Jonathan is still happily following the same routine.

Map updated 27/10/17 Due to the reduced Scottish sunlight at the moment we are only getting updates from Jonathan’s tag every few days.  He has still been hanging about in his favourite spots but his last update showed him on Lady Isle.  We are now waiting for the next update to see if this is a one-off visit or if he is on the move,

Map updated 02/11/17 Jonathan has visited Lady Isle a couple of times in the last week.  In the summer Lady Isle is a big gull breeding colony.  We are not sure what he is doing out there but we will wait and see if he continues to do so.

Map updated 10/11/17 Jonathan has made even more journeys to Lady Isle and has also been spending time near Craigie which is an area he hasn’t been to before. He seems to have changed his pattern of behaviour over the last few weeks however it is unclear why.

Map updated 24/11/17 Jonathan has headed south…to Wales. He left Kilmarnock on Friday the 10th and flew through Dumfries into Liverpool and down to Chester. He then headed into Wales and is spending his time going back and forth between Brechfa Pool Nature Reserve and Llangors Lake.

Map updated 01/12/17 Jonathan has left the UK.  He left the Devon coast on the 29th at 1054 and arrived in Brittany at 1354. He is our 2nd gull to fly to France and is currently near Locronan.

Map updated 07/12/17 Jonathan is still in France and is using Douarnenez as his base.  He makes foraging trips inland and all seems to be well with him.

Map updated 13/12/17 Jonathan is still following the same routine in France with one big trip up an area near Loc-Eguiner.

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