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There are more Questions than Answers….

As Gary the gull follows a similar route through Spain as PC Bobby

Just like the lyrics of the song we do feel that our gulls create more questions than answers. In this case it’s the migration route through Spain of both PC Bobby and Gary. Both of these birds were tagged on Greenock Police Station roof back in May and have subsequently done their own thing after the breeding season. However, both birds have now travelled through Spain instead of round the coast and into Portugal over the last 10 days. None of our other gulls have done this so we are a bit stumped as to why these two have.

Are they related? Have they migrated together in the past? Do they share experiences? Or because they have both migrated so late on in the year are they taking the quickest route? For now we will have to find a way of getting this current earworm of a tune out our heads.


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