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Stephen has left our shores and headed west on the first stage of his migration

Our third gull, Stephen, started his migration yesterday. Stephen has been seen on almost a daily basis at Castle Semple Loch since he was tagged and is one of my favourite gulls. Stephen is believed to have raised chicks on Little Cumbrae where he returned every night to roost.

Yesterday morning, Tuesday the 8th of August at 9.27am, Stephen left Little Cumbrae and started flying south west. He flew over Kildonan on the Isle of Arran at 10.31am and was south of the Kintyre penisula at 12.36pm. He reached Northern Ireland’s shores at 1.39pm flying over Waterfoot. He continued flying south west over Ballymena, Newport Trench and Moy before arriving in an area south of Benbarb at 4.47pm. He remained there until 8.52pm where he then flew south over the border into the Republic of Ireland to Lough Muckno where he stopped to sleep at 11.55pm. He was still there at 6.58am this morning before heading south to feed near Kilmanham Wood for a few hours. Our last record, received this morning at 10.06am, shows that he is back on the move. We can’t wait to see where he goes next.
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