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Gary’s back in Burton upon Trent.

Return to last years late summer and autumn haunts for Gary

Gary’s back in Burton upon Trent

Gary has returned to Burton upon Trent where he spent five months last year after rearing his two chicks.  Over

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Keep an eye out for colour rings

It’s not just our Lesser Black-backed Gulls that are wearing colour rings at Castle Semple.  There are also Herring Gulls

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Happy is merrily flying along

Another off our gulls have left Lochwinnoch and this time it’s Happy Gullmore. On Saturday the 4th of August, Happy

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Birds Galore at Branching Out Workshop

This week the Tag-n-Track team ran another bird ringing workshop, this time for the Branching Out participants on the course

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Gary’s a creature of habit

Gary is continuing south after leaving Greenock at the start of the week.  He spent 17 hours on the banks

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What’s happening with Harry and Luna?

So now the chicks have fledged from the Greenock Police Station roof what are Harry and Luna up too?  Well

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Empty nests on empty roofs

We visited the police station roof yesterday and as well as not being stealth bombed by Gary, who is heading

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Gary heads south on his second recorded migration

Gary, one of Team Gull 2017’s members, is off on his second recorded migration! And what has really surprised us

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Another gull named!

Last year, when most of our gulls were in Portugal/Spain, we got a lot of sightings from birdwatchers and at

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