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Roger and Roland have reconnected.

Two of our gulls tags have started to resend data

Roger and Roland have reconnected

We lost contact with Roger and Roland’s at the start of the month due to the tags finding it difficult

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Birds of a feather…

Apologies for being quiet recently. We have been using the rest of our annual leave up before the end of

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Third gull photographed in Portugal

Roger has been photographed on his travels in Portugal.  We had emailed the Portuguese birdwatchers after noticing he’d been hanging

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The challenge has been issued…

Roger reached Matosinhos in Portugal yesterday and was still there this morning. We have emailed one of the local birdwatchers

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Roger’s off to sunny Spain

So after a few weeks of hanging about in Wales, Roger finally decided to continue south to Spain over the

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And another bites the dust

Roger is on the move!  He took off at 1730 last night and headed south into the Galloway Forest Park

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