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Roger is no more.

Sadly we have lost another member of Team Gull

Roger is no more

Sadly we have learnt here at Tag-n-Track that we have lost a second member of Team Gull. Roger has been

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And another returns

Wednesday the 2nd of May saw the return of another member of Team Gull as Stuart touched down in Little

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Little Cumbrae- Island of dreams for TnT’s Gulls

Last week, when one of the TnT team Hayley was away at the 5th Pan-European Duck symposium, an opportunity arose

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A wee Welsh break for Stuart

Stuart is in Wales! We were hoping for him to return over the weekend but after his long 31 hour

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Archie is back

Archie is back! He arrived on the isle of Little Cumbrae on Saturday morning at 0921 and is the third

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He’s back

Gary is back in Greenock! After leaving on the 29th of July last year he has returned home. He carried

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Spotted in Spain

We have received another photograph of one of our gulls overseas.  This time it’s Roland.  He was spotted on the

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Homeward bound for Gary

We have had another update from Gary and he is still heading north.  He’s taking his time and the snowy

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Go Gary Go

Finally one of our gulls has started his migration north. After a couple of false starts and hopes Gary set

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