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Bobby’s flight now in 3D.

View Bobby the gull's flight from Greenock to Wexford in glorious 3D

Bobby’s flight now in 3D

PC Bobby hadn’t ventured too far until last week when he had a day trip to Northern Ireland and a

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Third gull photographed in Portugal

Roger has been photographed on his travels in Portugal.  We had emailed the Portuguese birdwatchers after noticing he’d been hanging

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PC Bobby has finally left Scotland!

After his overnight round trip to Northern Ireland on the 29th of October PC Bobby has finally decided to start

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The heat is on

Excitement is building in the Tag-n-Track office to see which gull will make it to Morocco next. Atty is currently

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Gulls on film…

News just in.  We have just been sent an email from another photographer in Portugal who spotted Flyback in August. 

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The beauty of colour rings

Clyde wears a white and red colour ring inscribed with 18S:C.  This makes him easy to spot amongst a flock

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Clyde the Gull from Beith has now moved further down the coast of Morocco to Agadir.  He is now our

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Is he or isn’t he?

It might be the tag updates or it might be the coffee with four shots but the Tag-n-Track Team are

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The Celtic Connection

We now have two of our tagged Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the Republic of Ireland.  Stephen has been hangng out

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