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Homes wanted for gulls for Christmas.

Gull adoption packs still available

Homes wanted for gulls for Christmas

Still struggling for that perfect gift for a loved one or something a bit quirky for the person that has

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There are more questions than answers…

Just like the lyrics of the song we do feel that our gulls create more questions than answers.  In this

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Tag-n-Track school workshops finished

Hayley and Hannah are celebrating this week after delivering 240 workshops to 80 classes involving 1738 pupils across Renfrewshire, Inverclyde

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A Sad Loss for Team Gull

I’m afraid I have to report that Team Gull has lost a member. Sadly Gully MacGullface has passed away in

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Two More Gulls Heading South

Jonathan has made his way into Brittany in France after spending the last week in Wales. Only Flyback has chosen

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Welsh Wanderings for Jonathan

So after the cold weather pushed Jonathan south to Wales we thought it would be just as nippy there but

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Roland, Roland, Roland

Roland has left the Republic of Ireland and landed in Spain today. He left on Thursday and was last picked

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Another one flies away

So Jonathan L.C. Gull has finally decided to migrate. He left Kilmarnock on Friday the 10th November and flew through

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We have a name!

17S:C has been without a name since being tagged in July but this week he finally received one.  Say hello

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