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Let the tagging commence.

Our new satellite tags have arrived for 2018

Let the tagging commence

We are super excited here in the TnT office as we have just received delivery of the first of our

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Barn Owl pair ringed

Yesterday the TnT team went to check one of the Barn Owl sites that had a box fitted a few

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A wee Welsh break for Stuart

Stuart is in Wales! We were hoping for him to return over the weekend but after his long 31 hour

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Stuart in the UK

Stuart has arrived in the UK! When we last reported about Stuart he was in Tangier in Morocco on the

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Archie is back

Archie is back! He arrived on the isle of Little Cumbrae on Saturday morning at 0921 and is the third

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Racing home for the breeding season!

Flyback has returned to Little Cumbrae where we believe he had his nest last year. His return journey took only

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Flyback’s flown 500 miles…

Flyback has been zooming his way back to us over the last few days and has flown nearly 1000 miles

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A fistful of…Wrens and Goldcrests

The Tag-n-Track team delivered another bird ringing workshop this week this time at a new site we hadn’t ringed at

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A new species ringed at Muirshiel

It was a tale of two halves this weekend at Muirshiel.  Saturday was a blustery day with very little caught

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