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Roland, Roland, Roland.

Keep on flying Roland

Roland, Roland, Roland

Roland has left the Republic of Ireland and landed in Spain today. He left on Thursday and was last picked

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Another one flies away

So Jonathan L.C. Gull has finally decided to migrate. He left Kilmarnock on Friday the 10th November and flew through

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Bobby’s flight now in 3D

PC Bobby hadn’t ventured too far until last week when he had a day trip to Northern Ireland and a

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Third gull photographed in Portugal

Roger has been photographed on his travels in Portugal.  We had emailed the Portuguese birdwatchers after noticing he’d been hanging

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PC Bobby has finally left Scotland!

After his overnight round trip to Northern Ireland on the 29th of October PC Bobby has finally decided to start

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The challenge has been issued…

Roger reached Matosinhos in Portugal yesterday and was still there this morning. We have emailed one of the local birdwatchers

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A Cold Wind Blows…

The temperature gauge dropped on Sunday and with it three of our gulls decided to head south.  Two of the

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Roger’s off to sunny Spain

So after a few weeks of hanging about in Wales, Roger finally decided to continue south to Spain over the

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The heat is on

Excitement is building in the Tag-n-Track office to see which gull will make it to Morocco next. Atty is currently

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