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Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park

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Greenock Police Station Chicks get Ringed

Another sunny day, another visit to Greenock Police Station roof to check on the gulls chicks. As the sun was

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The Police Station Gulls are Named

TnT visited St Joseph’s Primary School in Greenock along with one of the Greenock Community Police Officers. Our task, to

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Barn Owl bonanza

Barn Owls are certainly a favourite here at Tag-n-Track.  Hayley went to another site recently thinking there were only 4

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Third Gull Tagged

Well they never said it would be easy trying to trap gulls to fit with satellite tags but the team

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Our first gull chicks hatch out

The Tag-n-Track Team recently visited the gull colony on the roof of Greenock Police station and were pleased to see

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Where are the birds?

It has been a few days now since we tagged the first of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls and the data

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Gull nests wiped out at Loch Thom

Last week the Tag-n-Track team visited the mixed gull colony at Loch Thom to trap some of the adult lesser

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Tracking Technology Takes Flight

It’s official.  The first two lesser black-backed gulls have been tagged with our solar-powered GSM tags and the data is

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