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Superstar Sparrowhawk Swoops in for a Visit.

Fiery-eyed raptor mesmerizes visitors at latest TnT ringing event

Sunday the 19th of February saw the second ringing event of the new Tag-n-Track Project.  After the success of the first event where we caught a woodcock I was excited to see what would be ringed today.  However, the weather was against us this time as the wind made the mist net visible to the birds but our patience was rewarded when a blue tit then a great tit was captured.  Just as we went to let the great tit go one of the visitors shouted that there was a big bird in the net. A frantic race to the net saw the capture of our first sparrowhawk.  This smashing male certainly proved to be a hit with all the visitors, many of which had only ever seen a quick glimpse of one of these stealthy raptors.


We got a few group shots before we took him outside for release.  As soon as he was let go we heard a cacophony of alarm calls from all the wee birds as he soared higher and higher before heading off into the plantation.  Two events down and two cracking birds what will we get at our next event on Sunday the 5th of March? Pop along to Muirshiel between 10am – 3pm to see.

As a wee extra note… He wasn’t our only sparrowhawk on Sunday. Check out our other blogs for the story of the female sparrowhawk at Castle Semple.


Tag-n-Track is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Greater Renfrewshire and Inverclyde LEADER and Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park


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