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Sunning it up in Portugal.

Clyde reaches Portugal in record time

No slowing down Clyde when he knows where he wants to go. Clyde carried on his migration south passing over Cornwall at 0230 on Saturday morning (1st of September) .  We expected him to make landfall in Brittany just as Flyback had done but Clyde had other plans and flew right across the Bay of Biscay to Spain, a journey that took him over 24 hours.  He made landfall at 0514 on the 2nd of September near O Pieiro. He then travelled south and west, before flying down the coast.  He reached Portugal at 2044 on the 2nd.  That’s four days after he was last picked up in Beith!  He has spent the last two days feeding off the coast and hanging about in Matosinhos where he was picked up first thing this morning.  What a gull!


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