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Spotted in Spain.

Roland snapped on the beach

We have received another photograph of one of our gulls overseas.  This time it’s Roland.  He was spotted on the beach at Sta Cristina, Oleiros La Coruña in Spain on Sunday the 1st of April.  His spotter was Antonio Lopez Porto who took the photo below. Again it’s hard to see the tag which is great news for us as it shows it isn’t causing any issues.  However we haven’t heard from his tag since the 28th when he was near Matosinhos so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will start to get more readings as the daylight increases.  What is interesting about this sighting is this is the same area that Roland was spotted back on the 19th of November when he was heading south.  It’s great to know there are avid spotters in the area keeping an eye out for ringed gulls as well as us being able to build a picture of our gulls favourite places.

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