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Racing home for the breeding season!.

Three of our gulls are making moves

Flyback has returned to Little Cumbrae where we believe he had his nest last year. His return journey took only 9 days as he left Morocco on the 8th of April and arrived in Scotland last night on the 17th. As seen in the map he followed a very similar route back home choosing to travel through Cornwall and then through Wales before returning home. Flyback was our first gull to start migration on the 29th of July and is our second gull to complete their migration. He was away for nearly 9 months! Welcome back Flyback!

Stuart is another one of our gulls that went offline while in Africa. We stopped getting updates at the beginning of November, however just yesterday he came back online and is heading for home! He is currently in Tangier in the north of Morocco! Stuart started his migration on the 9th of September and spent almost a month in Ireland before arriving in Morocco on the 13th of October. He has been away for just over 7 months now; we will keep you updated on his journey home!

And finally we have news on Archie! After being in the Le Verdon sur-Mer area in France since the 10th of December, he finally decided to start his journey home and was recorded flying towards Bridgewater in Cornwall. He has only been away for four and a half months and has had the shortest (distance) migration out of all our gulls. We will keep you updated on his journey back!

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