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Muirshiel Tree Felling Complete.

8000 trees have now been removed from Muirshiel Country Park. Visit soon to see how the Park has changed!

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Felling works have been going on at Muirshiel Country Park over the last 2 months, removing over 8000 non-native sitka spruce. These trees were planted as a crop species and now it is more beneficial for the environment that they are removed and room is cleared for native broadleaf trees.

The removal of the trees had had a huge impact on the area, with ‘Gate Wood’ being opened up and views now across the Country Park to Misty Law from the upper country trail area. Please see the map below for information on what trails have been affected. This includes some which have been closed, partially blocked or passable with care at present by the previous movement of large felling vehicles/brashings.

Please also be aware that there is still some timber to be removed from the site and there may be the chance of encountering a logging lorry on the access road. Be prepared to reverse or wait while the lorry loads. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new Country Park landscape.


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