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Just keep flying Flyback.

Flyback arrives in Portugal

“Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time…” are the lyrics that go through my head everytime Flyback’s tag downloads. On Sunday we found out he had reached Portugal. He crossed the coastal border with Spain on Saturday the 5th of August at 6.08pm after travelling along the Spanish coast for the last few days.

He continued south over Porto before heading north again to rest up for a few hours and then turned back round south and was picked up on a lovely looking beach called Praia de Cortegaca at 9.18am on Sunday. However, this beach was not for him and he caried on south, flying roughly 170 miles south down the coast and over Lisbon and was picked up over Amora on Monday morning.

He flew west yesterday and arrived at Praia de Riviera in the afternoon where he has decided to take a rest. Portugal is a popular overwintering destination for many Lesser Black-backed Gulls but I can’t help thinking Flyback is going to keep heading south.

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