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Here’s looking at you, Flyback.

"Of all the fish joints in all the towns in all the world, he flies into mine."

When the daily maps upload and I think “Flyback, where were you last night?” Our tags can show exactly where he was. Flyback spent the evening of the 12th of August resting up in the Portuguese estuary of Ribeira de Odiáxere. On Sunday morning he flew down to the coast of San Lorenzo where he hung about until 9.14am. Then he was off. He flew for 11 hours across the ocean, reaching a top speed of 54 mph, before arriving off the Moroccan coastal town of Casablanca at 8.03pm.

Scottish Lesser Black-backed Gulls colour ringed by the Clyde Ringing Group have been sighted in Morocco in the past but this is the first tagged one we have had here. What is fascinating is he may not have finished his migration yet. However he is yet to ask Sammy Seagull to “play it again”. We love you Flyback and remember “we will always have Lochwinnoch”.

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