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Gulls 9, 10 and 11 Tagged.

Three more gulls tagged with the help of Clyde Ringing Group

The Clyde Ringing Group came to the rescue to help deploy the remaining tags for the TnT project. The TnT team, Hayley and Hannah, have used two different methods to catch some of the gulls that have been tagged so far but with time starting to run out the big guns were called. Some members of the ringing group have a licence to use a whoosh net which is fired over the top of the birds by pulling a giant bit of elastic. We waited patiently for the gulls to come down to the bread we had put out for them but they weren’t having it. Just as Hayley went off to make some coffee… whoosh! Six gulls and a rook were caught. Four of the gulls were Lesser Black-backed Gulls with three being heavy enough to have tags fitted. Hayley demonstrated to the group how the tags were fitted and the gulls were soon flying away to show them off!

One, Clyde, has been named in honour of the ringing group with another being called Jonathan LC. Gull. 17S:C is still awaiting a name. You can find out where they have been so far by visiting our Team Gull page.

Unfortunately we never caught a fourth gull that was suitable to tag but we have news on that coming soon.

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