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Flyback is flying back!.

He's on his way

Back in November we lost the mobile connection to our gulls in Africa.  This has led us to wonder how they were all getting on and this morning we finally heard from Flyback as he downloaded four months of data in a few hours.  He is currently in Spain near Huevla after leaving Morocco.  When we last head from him he was in Safi at the coast.  He moved further inland and spent the rest of the winter near Youssoufia.  In particular, he favoured the area around Lac Sale Zima where he rubbed shoulders with the local flamingo population.  He left yesterday morning at 07.44 and flew over land towards the coast and arrived near Sidi Abed at 13.01. He then headed out to sea and flew along the coast passing Casablanca at 15.00.  Instead of turning north and going straight over the sea into Spain he flew along the Moroccan coast line and crossed into Spain near the straight of Gibralter at 0538 this morning (Monday the 9th).  It took Flyback 25 days to get to Casablanca how long will it take for him to come back?

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