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Cryptically Camouflaged Woodcock puts in a Rare Appearance….

First Tag-n-Track Ringing Demonstration proves to be a 'woodyful' success.

Sunday the 22nd of January was the first Tag-n-Track Ringing Demonstration at Muirshiel Country Park and we couldn’t have asked for a better first event. The mist net was deployed beside the bird feeders and it didn’t take long before the net started to fill with birds. The first visitors to the demonstration were a group of 20 Geocachers who were heading off to the Hill of Stake. They were shown one of the many coal tits that had entered the net and how its statistics are processed.

Just as we were about to let it go there was a large flash of brown as a bird hit the net. Initially it was thought to be sparrowhawk and Project Officer Hayley leapt over the fence to catch it before it escaped, only to find it was a woodcock! These birds are incredibly well camouflaged and often sit tight until flushed at the last minute. Certainly not a bird that you imagine you’d catch in a mist net at a bird feeding station. Everyone got the chance to appreciate how beautiful these birds are before it was ringed and flew off towards Misty Law. The ringing day proved to be very busy with birds overall but none could top the woodcock. However, the many human visitors of the day all got the opportunity to see some of the Park’s wee birds up close.

Missed out? Well the next Tag-n-Track ringing demo takes place on Sunday the 19th February and who knows what will turn up this time?!

The Tag-n-Track (TnT) Project is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Greater Renfrewshire and Inverclyde LEADER and Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.

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