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Car park’s to remain closed.

Clyde Muirshiel's car parks

Car park’s to remain closed

Clyde Muirshiel’s car park’s are to remain closed. Advice remains that you should stay within your local area when you

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Barr Loch, a little beauty

A short walk from Lochwinnoch takes you to the Barr Loch just opposite the RSPB centre at the Aird Meadows.

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Can you walk the Renfrewshire Boundary?

The Renfrewshire Walking Network have set a challenge for June 2020 and your daily exercise. Can you walk 48 miles,

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Purple Russian

Along the lochshore of Castle Semple Loch look out Russian comfrey with its purple-blue flowers and the pale-yellow petals of

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Parkhill Perambulation

Walking from Lochwinnoch through the Johnshill field there is a striking display of cowslips. The seeds of cowslip take a

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Roadside Sunday Stroll

A short ramble just past the Lochwinnoch golf course and taking the Corsefield Road towards Kilbirne there is a good

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Photo album with black and white photos

Time, Tide and ‘Rona’ wait for no man!

With everything that we are familiar with as ‘normal’ being turned upside down since the virus, we are all adapting

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Sunny Sunday Afternoon

It was a perfect day for a cycle from Lochwinnoch to Muirshiel; such a sunny Sunday. There was a lot

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Scottish Outdoor Access in the time of Covid-19

During a normal Easter weekend with the sort of weather we’ve had there would have been hundreds of people getting

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