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It's now been a week since 10R:C and 11R:C were tagged. Where have they been?

What have 10R:C and 11R:C been up to?

It has now been a week since two more of our gulls were tagged at Castle Semple Loch.  The data

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More Tag-n-Track Tags Deployed

Castle Semple Loch is proving to be a hotspot for Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the evening at the moment with

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15P:C Heads North

“Gulls are pests and do nothing but hang around towns and steal chips” is a comment we hear often here

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Barn Owl Bling

Well it may have been wet and windy the last week but all signs are pointing towards it being a

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Third Gull Tagged

Well they never said it would be easy trying to trap gulls to fit with satellite tags but the team

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Our first gull chicks hatch out

The Tag-n-Track Team recently visited the gull colony on the roof of Greenock Police station and were pleased to see

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Youth Volunteers ‘Beat Up’ Johnshill Trees

A big thank you to our Duke of Edinburgh Youth Volunteer Group this morning for helping us with some tree

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CMRP & Ride 63 Cycling Club Donate £2k to CLIC Sargent

An impressive two thousand and fifty pounds was raised by over 200 cyclists at this year’s Pedal the Park Sportive

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Greenock Cut Connections

Greenock Cut Visitor Centre is having an ongoing problem with the internet connection and therefore have no access to emails.

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