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Pressure is building between Atty and Stuart.

The heat is on

Excitiment is building in the Tag-n-Track office to see which gull will make it to Morocco next.  Atty is currently

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Sitka Spruce at Muirshiel

Three areas of Sitka Spruce at Muirshiel Country Park are to be felled this November and are shown on the map

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We have a name!

17S:C has been without a name since being tagged in July but this week he finally received one.  Say hello

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And another bites the dust

Roger is on the move!  He took off at 1730 last night and headed south into the Galloway Forest Park

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O how the winds blow

Atty and Stuart have started migration after yesterdays northern winds. Atty has spent the majority of his time since being

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Greenock Cut Oak Shortlisted

Greenock Cut Oak Shortlisted for Tree of the Year 2017 The historic “Greenock Cut Oak” has been successfully shortlisted in

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Gulls on film…

News just in.  We have just been sent an email from another photographer in Portugal who spotted Flyback in August. 

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The beauty of colour rings

Clyde wears a white and red colour ring inscribed with 18S:C.  This makes him easy to spot amongst a flock

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Youngsters Continue Special Olympics Success

On Sunday 3rd September the waters of Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch were once again draped in colour and enthusiasm as

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