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Rangers Team up to tackle Greeto Rubbish.

11 bags of rubbish removed from the popular beauty spot by our Countryside Ranger team.

Rangers Team up to tackle Greeto Rubbish

Last week the Clyde Muirshiel Ranger Team made a trip to Greeto Glen in Largs as we had reports of

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Ollie the Island Gull

Ollie is our latest gull to be honoured with a name. Ollie was caught on Pladda, a little island off

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Watch out there’s colour ringed Oystercatchers about

This week we were invited up to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue to fit their hand reared Oystercatchers with colour rings before

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Meet our newly named gull!

Say hello to our newly named gull, Pladda! Pladda was named for the place he was caught and tagged, Pladda,

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Cheery bye Stuart

So it looks like Stuart has left the village for another year.  On Friday evening (10th) he was recorded up

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Gary’s back in Burton upon Trent

Gary has returned to Burton upon Trent where he spent five months last year after rearing his two chicks.  Over

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Keep an eye out for colour rings

It’s not just our Lesser Black-backed Gulls that are wearing colour rings at Castle Semple.  There are also Herring Gulls

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Clyde Muirshiel Goes LIVE at the Green!

Clyde Muirshiel Activity Instructors and Countryside Rangers have been at Go LIVE on the Green for the last week and

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Happy is merrily flying along

Another off our gulls have left Lochwinnoch and this time it’s Happy Gullmore. On Saturday the 4th of August, Happy

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