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Barn Owl pair ringed.

A new Barn Owl site surveyed and a pair ringed

Yesterday the TnT team went to check one of the Barn Owl sites that had a box fitted a few years ago.  In previous years, one Barn Owl had been seen in the vicinity of the box but there hadn’t been any signs of breeding.  As all our other females are on eggs at the moment we thought it was worth a look to see if this site was now being used.  When we arrived we quietly approached the box and were surprised to find a pair inside.  We quickly ringed them and popped them back in.  Hopefully when we return in 4-6 weeks we will find a box full of chicks to help boost the local population.

Please remember that Barn Owls are a protected species.  We operate under a Schedule 1 licence that allows us to look inside the boxes and ring them. Unless you have the appropriate paperwork it is an offence to disturb them.


Female on the left and male on the right

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