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Bobby’s flight now in 3D.

View Bobby the gull's flight from Greenock to Wexford in glorious 3D

Bobby’s flight now in 3D

PC Bobby hadn’t ventured too far until last week when he had a day trip to Northern Ireland and a

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Sitka Spruce at Muirshiel

Three areas of Sitka Spruce at Muirshiel Country Park are to be felled this November and are shown on the map

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Stuart heads for Ireland

Stuart is the third of our gulls to have migrated over to southern Ireland.  You can follow his flight path

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Guided evening kayak at the River Tay

Staff from Clyde Muirshiel went on an expedition searching for Beavers recently. Close to Perth, but we were treated to

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The rise of the Diatoms

The turbulent weather (wet and windy) doesn’t suit blue-green algae, but is good news for Diatoms and motile green algae

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Castle Semple Cyanobacteria

Update 27.06.17: water level is still at ‘Level 2’ although not as concentrated. Cyanobacteria is at 525/ml, 1250/ml is level

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World’s first Wildcaching Event

Take part in the world’s first ‘Wildcaching’ event at Muirshiel Country Park.  You can download the clues on the gpx

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Waunderful Woods

Come and celebrate our wonderful woods and wildlife with free guided walks on Sunday 21st May.  The woodland bird wander start time

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Felling Operations at Ladymuir Plantation

Tilhill are commencing forestry operations on March 3rd within the Sitka spruce plantation at Ladymuir.  As trees will be felled

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