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A Cold Wind Blows….

Three of our gulls head south although one comes back...

The temperature gauge dropped on Sunday and with it three of our gulls decided to head south.  Two of the birds, Roland and PC Bobby had been hanging about in Scotland with Roland favouring the Paisley area and PC Bobby his usual haunt in Greenock.

Roland left the Clyde coast at 6.50pm and headed towards Ireland.  He passed Ailsa Craig at 10.48pm that night and made landfall in Northern Ireland at Millisle at 2.47am on the morning of the 30th. He then continued down the coast and made landfall in the Republic of Ireland at 12.43pm and travelled down to Balbriggan where he was last picked up at 10.39pm on the 30th.

PC Bobby on the other hand decided to fly to Northern Ireland and then headed back to his haunt near All Saint’s Primary School. He flew over on the afternoon of the 29th of October, spent the night off Ballyquintin Point and then headed back home. Maybe he felt it was warmer back at the school?

Finally our third gull decided to be a bit more adventurous. Gully MacGullface had been living in the south of Eire since the 4th of September. He left the coast at 1.30pm, on the 29th and flew straight over the sea. Later, he was then picked up off the coast of Cornwall at 4.32pm and off the coast of Brittany at 6.36pm. Most of our gulls then head across the Bay of Biscay to Spain but not Gully. He continued over the sea passing Spain at 5.52am on the morning of the 30th, then flew all the way down the sea and at some points was 250km away from the Portuguese coast. He then made a turn east at 10.44pm on the evening of the 30th and made landfall at the south west corner of Portugal at 6.53am. This journey took him 40 and a half hours.

Our gulls are constantly surprising us with their feats and fingers crossed there’s more to come.

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