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Welcome to Scotland's largest Regional Park, explore our 8 locations and our wide range of community events and activities. Our aims are to conserve and enhance the park and promote and foster environmentally sustainable development for the social and economic well-being of the people and communities within the Clyde Muirshiel Park area.

Latest News

Greenock Cut Connections

Greenock Cut Visitor Centre is having an ongoing problem with the internet connection and therefore have no access to emails.

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Where are the birds?

It has been a few days now since we tagged the first of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls and the data

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Gull nests wiped out at Loch Thom

Last week the Tag-n-Track team visited the mixed gull colony at Loch Thom to trap some of the adult lesser

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Tracking Technology Takes Flight

It’s official.  The first two lesser black-backed gulls have been tagged with our solar-powered GSM tags and the data is

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